Casino welcome bonus: how to get?

Casino welcome bonus: how to get? post thumbnail image

Online casino sites have a very special way of welcoming their newly registered players. Unlike those who play in real casinos, new players of online casino games, barely their registration confirmed and a first deposit committed, are awarded bonuses known as “welcome bonus”.

To put it simply, a welcome bonus is a promotional offer – often of a monetary nature – intended for new players. As a general rule, the player will be able to enjoy this bonus after a first deposit into his player account during registration.

How to claim the welcome bonus?

As mentioned previously, the player gets the welcome bonus as soon as he completes his registration on the site of an online casino. Remember, however, that the bonus is more of a proposition than an obligation. Indeed, you can completely refuse the welcome bonus of an online casino.

On the other hand, for those who intend to use this bonus to their advantage, here are some essential steps to follow to be able to obtain the bonus that will make a difference to your game.

So, to do this, you will need:

  • Choosing the right licensed casino with a good welcome bonus
  • Carefully read the general conditions and in particular the bonus wagering requirements
  • Create an account and fill in all the information the casino asks you to get the welcome bonus
  • Check once again that you have fulfilled the wagering requirements in order to dispel any doubts about the use of the welcome bonus
  • Start playing!

PS: To hope for a welcome bonus, you need at least an initial deposit from the player. It is also important to comply with the minimum deposit requirements to be eligible. In other cases, new players might need a specific promo code to unlock their welcome bonus.

Types of welcome bonuses available

It would be quite interesting for a player to collect the best welcome bonuses offered by online casinos, but you still have to know how to recognize them. So, here are some welcome bonuses offered by online casinos.

Welcome bonus no deposit
French casinos sometimes have no deposit welcome bonuses which are part of the online bonus offers offered to players. Obviously at some point you will need to make a deposit but this bonus is offered to new players to demonstrate the benefits of the casino in question.
There are several forms such as play money, to increase your winnings, free bonuses, free cash bonus, 10 EUR free, 5 EUR free.
The welcome bonuses are very rewarding. They allow you to experience the world of online casino games with a few advantages before you have to make a deposit. However, it takes a little bit of patience before claiming these bonuses.

With compulsory deposit
This bonus is only offered after your first deposit. Sometimes it comes in the form of a discount. It can also be very high and some games will have welcome bonuses of up to 100% or even 400% of your initial deposit. It depends on the casinos you are playing at. It is called the “welcome bonus package”. On the other hand, it is more advantageous compared to other bonuses because you can receive a discount from the first until the 4th or even the 5th deposit. Online casinos offer this kind of bonus to players so that they don’t have to spend too much on the games. Whatever the amount of your deposit, it can increase tenfold.

Free spins
The free spins sometimes accompany the free money but in general it is the free spins that are the most sought after, because it allows new players and beginners to improve while not losing anything. They will be able, thanks to its tricks, to have a little more experience before launching. Casinos sometimes offer 200 free spins, others offer 300. And there are others that offer 20. Whatever the number of spins, it is beneficial for new players because it allows them to have a little practice before tackling the real challenge and also, at the same time, he can save money all along.

Cashback Bonus
In casinos that have free welcome bonuses, there is also cashback which is defined as a return to your money. It is a system for some players to line their pockets and almost all casinos offer it. But it’s important to learn about the platform you’re playing on. You are not going to get all of your money back but just a part, it is not really determined but it is the bonus that helps you fill your chest and your pockets. Cashback has become a component of the virtual casino and players can take advantage of it since it has become a source of income for some people.

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